2NE1 – Come Back Home

2NE1 have released their much anticipated Crush album, which leads with two songs, Happy and Come Back Home. Happy is a fairly simple mv of the girls in LA, the mv was actually filmed in 2012, with Mina Kwon creating the illustrations at least a year ago. It is the mv for Come Back Home where 2NE1 impress.

Come Back Home features a lowly reality and a utopian virtual reality.

This is very reminiscent of the idea within The Matrix, that one is plugged into The Matrix and there they experience another life.
We also see links to another cult sci-fi classic, Blade Runner. In the film an advertising blimp features repetitive advertising for and off world colony, an alternate life that is far superior than the one on earth, and has the advantage of fair more technology that aids living. The digital advertising for the Virtual Paradise in Come Back Home is much like this.

Much like Neo in The Matrix the girls have experienced the real world and the virtual world, and thus wish to free those plugged into the Virtual Paradise.

Like many other Kpop mvs recently, Come Back Home uses a theme of rebellion against society and a regime.

As YG’s first release of 2014 it sets a good standard for the rest of the year. The two tracks come from 2NE1’s ten track album Crush and is available on iTunes.



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