2PM – A.D.T.O.Y.

For an anonymous design commentary request over on the tumblr version of this blog, here is A.D.T.O.Y. by 2PM.


A.D.T.O.Y. employs a very common technique to provide the ultimate viewer experience. By very rarely giving a clear view of the face female in the mv – through showing her body, featuring her at a distance, showing her out of focus – the viewer is able to reflect themselves into the situation. So, here HOTTESTs are presented with an mv that allows them to visualise some of their fantasies with their idols.

The monotone colouring of the mv allows for detail to be drawn in the simplicity of the close up shots. Again, by removing colour, it takes out any personalised elements and the viewer can become more involved.

There are certain elements of personalisation that are left in the mv, primarily the tattoos on the lady.
On the inside of her arm she had a tattoo that appears to say ‘liberilas’ I can’t find any reference to a meaning for this word and wondered if it was a misspelling of ‘liberalis’. ‘Liberalis’ is Latin from ‘liber’ which means free man, and creates the word liberal. Therefore a ‘liberalis’ tattoo could emphasise her freedom and independence as a woman. It also had a now rather old meaning of being rather lacking in restraint with regards to sexual conduct. This would fit well in regards to the female’s interaction with the multiple members of 2PM.
The other tattoo you see is a snake just above her ankle bone. Snakes have numerous connotations most notably those of sin and temptation which come from the tales of Adam and Eve. A snake is also said to be a symbol of sexual desire because of the same bible story, because of the snake’s introduction of the sin of eating the apple Adam and Eve discover they are naked and this is the root of sexual desire.

Photo: A.D.T.O.Y. mv

A.D.T.O.Y.’s main aim is [female] viewer enjoyment, and escapism, and it’s really well shot. My only problem? If you’re going to consistently take close ups of hands as A.D.T.O.Y does, maybe choose a lady with more feminine hands!


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