2PM – My House

2PM have returned with their fifth album, complete with a beautiful lead track mv, My House.

My House takes back the romanticised image of their third album Grown, an image they strayed from for Go Crazy, and re-embraced it once more.

As a group with such a long history, and reaching their thirties, this seems a logical step, as it did the first time around.

My House incorporates a whole host of romanticised fairytales to tell their story.

The lyrics tell of not being ashamed of wanting to act on feelings, though keeping those actions secret is also okay.

My House begins its fairytale retelling with Cinderella, the girl having to run from the party as the clock strikes midnight. Cinderella re-appears at the end of the mv, to leave her shoe upon the stairs, just as Cinderella does with her glass slipper – thus leading Prince Charming to her.

We next see Chansung with an apple. This reflects the story of Snow White, who is put under a spell known as the sleeping death with a poisoned apple. This apple also reappears in a scene with Wooyoung.
Apples also hold very deep connotations relating to sin and desire. An apple is the fruit of the forbidden tree eaten by Eve, linking back to the first sin. It is this first sin that links the apple to being a symbol for a woman’s innocence. This image has been used many times in Kpop. G-Dragon explores it in depth in his Heartbreaker mv, and GaIn in her aptly named Apple.
Wooyoung tempts the girl to eat the apple, reflecting his wish to take her to his house and hoping for her agreement. Chansung’s apple has a bite taken out of it, showing his desire but also his attempts to forward his situation.

The charming, yet maybe disturbing, white rabbit singing along to the hook is of course a reference to The White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Though once again there’s more to the symbol of the rabbit. White is a colour of purity, and the rabbit itself is often seen as a symbol for fertility, desire, and procreation – I probably don’t have to explain why, rabbits are legendary for their ability to reproduce. This symbol is transferred into Asian culture as a sign of longevity and a lengthy family line.
My House doesn’t speak of marriage and family, though the use of fairytale to illustrate the track romanticises the desire it speaks of and brings with it ideas of idealistic relationships and future family ties.

Photo: My House mv

The wolf, and Taecyeon’s representation of the creature, is a reference to Little Red Riding Hood. This is the most well known appearance of The Big Bad Wolf, though he does appear in many early folklore tales from the likes of Aesop and the Brothers Grimm.
There are many versions of Red Riding Hood and many interpretations of The Big Bad Wolf though many serve as a metaphor for sexual awakening, and the passage into womanhood. With many versions depicting the Hunter as a werewolf, this version fitting well with the depiction of Taecyeon as a wolf man.
Wolves also symbolise loyalty and affection, and a deep connection with ones instincts. This reflects the lyrics message to follow ones feelings and desire.

Nichkhun is seen in front of a blue Lamborghini, symbolic of the Disney Princes as their noble stallion, usually white in colour. This shows the heroic, strong, romanticised image of the male, but for 2PM in a more modern and impressive light.

Photo: My House mv

Chansung is portrayed as Beast, from Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast is a wonderfully symbolic tale and covers the topic of acceptance of ones self. This reflects the lyrical message of accepting how you feel but is also laced with connotations of acceptance of all.

Photo: My House mv

Jun.K’s portrayal as Romeo, in a Romeo and Juliet style balcony scene, though a portrayal of teenage love, is one of the more sophisticated of visuals as it is a reference not immediately associated with Disney. Romeo and Juliet is the most famous of English romance literature and this image reflects the romance and intense passion of love at first sight, and also other themes that run through the play, particularly following ones desires an action that sees Romeo and Juliet defy their families.

The return to the Cinderella theme at the end, with her leaving her shoe upon the steps is symbol of her acceptance of his suggestion. Unlike Cinderella this is not an accident, rather a purposeful act that he will find her once more.

My House is a beautifully created mv, and one of the more impressive visuals to appear from the Kpop industry this year.


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