300 Days With PHANTOM

June 11th marks 300 days since hybrid hip hop group PHANTOM officially debuted. Here are just some of the reasons this group have kept me hooked for those 300 days, and the many they spent together before then, and just why they’ll keep me a PHANTOMISM for so many more days to come.

Whatever they’re doing the three PHANTOM members have infectious personalities that will make you smile and entertain you. Sometimes they’ll go all out to do exactly that like when they covered SNSD’s The Boys Freddie Mercury style.



PHANTOM always sound wonderful. Every stage they do through promotions sounds almost like the track they put out on their album they are that great. Even when they’re singing their songs backstage for fun they sound absolutely brilliant.



PHANTOM don’t have polished dance routines, no way would I want them that way, but they occasionally do bust out some moves. Awkward and endearing like their wonderful personalities you can’t help but love the effort they put in.



All three members of PHANTOM are effortlessly handsome. You can’t always be sure if you can call PHANTOM handsome when they’re pulling duck faces, taking selcas that look up their nose, or wearing extremely questionable combinations of clothes whilst in the dance studio – but, it’s all part of the PHANTOM charm, little things about each of them that make them wonderfully funny and, well, weirdly, quite handsome.



One of my favourite english language covers by a K group is PHANTOM’s version of Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. Its a hard song to sing for anyone. I’ve seen many people attempt to sing it and fail! Sanchez has a great tone for the song.



I love the mix of the three voices of Kiggen, Sanchez and Hanhae in PHANTOM, the sound is so rich and different from other groups around. The ‘hybrid hip hop’ style PHANTOM has is something that kept me interested and waiting for their debut and something that keeps me hooked to everything they do!

It’s been a great 300 days (and all the days we had before the official debut), here’s to many more to come!


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  • aeozkayes

    Thanks for the post. I do appreciate it.I feel the same way too about Phantom. For me, Phantom is different from other existing K-Pop groups. They are the real artists. Their songs are my lullabies and spirit boosters. Ha ha. I love every single of Phantom’s song, expression, body language, humble personality, originality, creativity, and their songs of course. I wish to make English blog about Phantom to reach more international Phantomism, but I need more time to do so. Lots of love and salute for posting this. 🙂