My blog is the online version of my concept journal – a moleskine journal full of my writing about Asian music design.

I wrote my dissertation, and completed my final design unit, on how overall elements of design and their meaning come together to encourage users’ submersion in, and interaction with, the media.

I also spent a lot of my 3rd year studying international design and communication, particularly that of East Asia.

I’m using the things I learnt doing my degree to write about the design in East Asian music, which in most cases is fantastically complex.

I might occasionally stray away from music – making a blog about a film I’ve seen or advert I’ve encountered – but most of my content will probably be music media.

I’ve had blogs read and / or shared by artists such as: MV Makers ZANY BROSIAMMEDIC’s Enik LinSan E; PHANTOM’s Kiggen; Miss $’s Kang Min Hee; MYK; BrandNew Music CEO Rhymer; and producers ASSBRASS and LISHBEATS. Enik, Kiggen, MYK, ZANYBROS, and ASSBRASS even made positive comments about the blogs regarding them!

If you ever have anything you want me to feature on the blog just get in touch via the comments section, or you can email me, or if it’s an Asian music request and you’re on tumblr you can visit the submit section of the tumblr version of this blog if you like!

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