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One of the most noteworthy concepts of 2013 is Boyfriend’s track Janus

The name Janus comes from Ancient Roman religion and myth. He is the god of beginnings and endings, transitions and time, and thus gates and doorways.
Janus is depicted as having two faces, one that looks into the future and one into the past.
At the origin of time some depictions of the god have him guarding gates that open to heaven on one side and the underworld on the other.
This history is interesting to the narrative of Boyfriend’s Janus.

The lyrics tell of someone who hides his true feelings from another, wears a smile to your face and cries behind your back. He is a man with two faces.

In the visual narrative we see the physical double face, the Jo twins, play the calmer heavenly side of Janus (Jo Youngmin) and the angry hellish side of Janus (Jo Kwangmin). The twins show us both sides of one man quite simply, because they share a face.

Janus is also unique because of its beautiful costume design.
Whether the red and black outfits are a modern interpretation of Ancient Roman togas and finery or not they look fantastic. They have an air of Japanese Visual Kei about them, which instantly makes the look and concept intriguing. The history this concept is seeped in seems apt for a Visual Kei styled look too.

I’ve never seen a Boyfriend mv before but Janus is a concept that certainly made this group stand out.


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