BtoB – Thriller


BtoB have returned with Thriller, but is it really possible to release a song called Thriller without conjuring images of the pop mega anthem by Michael Jackson?

Simply, no, so this is why BtoB produced this …


Musically you wouldn’t be reminded of the King Of Pop but to name a track Thriller there are some vital components you need.

The graveyard and the atmospheric night.

photo: BTOB Thriller mv

A supernatural element.

photo: BTOB Thriller mv

And the all important Jackson reminiscent choreography.

Conceptually you might also notice some similarities to hyde by VIXX. The dark supernatural themes and also some choreography features stand out as being almost identical for both young groups.

The Thriller title card that appears behind the members solo shots is the same font, and coincidentally almost exactly the same colour, that is featured in ICON’s mv for Rockstar.

Of course the setting and supernatural themes in Thriller are apt for the lyrics, with messages of devils, corrupt souls, poisonous apples, and the full moon.

BtoB promise to be your knight, your Don Quixote, to save you from this darkness, a darkness that they deliver extremely well.


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