Bangtan – We Are Bulletproof Pt2

The track I chose as the highlight on the BTS / Bangtan album when I reviewed their debut mv No More Dream for Unitedkpop last month now has an mv.


In theory I could love this mv. The styling is simplistic and it fits the hip hop style of the group, it even utilises one of my favourite typefaces. Sadly this mv falls into the holes of many designs from Korean where Western type is concerned.

The typeface used here is Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1927.

My problem with their use of type is the kerning. Kerning is the way you space letters.

It doesn’t necessarily take someone like me, who spent months alongside a typography professor learning all the minute details and skills to master the art, to spot that the kerning in this mv is sometimes too tight and sometimes far too loose in almost every piece included.

Though, like I say, in theory, this is a good mv. The flashes of accessories and objects throughout the visual of the group and a great break up of the constant image.
And despite the poor typography, which in honesty look like edits most people will reblog and like in their tens of thousands on kpop tumblr communities [so maybe I can’t judge even though I can kern correctly] is a good looking mv for a new rookie group!

I do prefer this to No More Dream, even if I want to edit all the typography!


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