Busted – Night Driver

I took my sister to see Busted when they reunited, back in June. I was firmly of the opinion that the music of Busted was best left in 2005, especially as I hadn’t rated anything the Busted/McFly collaboration McBusted had produced. I left the live show thinking much the same, Busted probably didn’t need to come back.

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Zandari Festa

A month has passed since I returned from Seoul, and time has flown, so a review of Zandari Festa is more than overdue.

With over one hundred and fifty acts on offer across Hongdae over the three-day weekend I, alongside Jeong Eun, began with a plan of who we knew we wanted to see at Zandari, but as the saying goes the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry and our timetable was met with the occasional change. Here are the highlights of our Zandari adventure.

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300 Days With PHANTOM

June 11th marks 300 days since hybrid hip hop group PHANTOM officially debuted. Here are just some of the reasons this group have kept me hooked for those 300 days, and the many they spent together before then, and just why they’ll keep me a PHANTOMISM for so many more days to come.

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