Champagne & Candle – What’s My Name?

BrandNew Music, home the the likes of Verbal Jint, Swings, San E and PHANTOM, have launched their latest act: Champagne & Candle.

The duo is formed of 23 year old Son Seung Hwan aka Champagne, and 25 year old Lee Kang aka Candle. Some might remember Lee Kang as a trainee with kpop group M.Pire.

BrandNew Music kept Champagne & Candle well hidden until their emergence as rookies this weekend, with their news focus instead going to the acquisition of acts like Tae Wan otherwise known as C-Luv, the inclusion of Swings and San E as producers in Show Me The Money 3, and Bumkey, Kanto and Verbal Jint heading to America for the Asian Music Festival.

Their introduction as BrandNew Music’s Brand New Artist comes in the form of What’s My Name?. As is customary with artists from the label Champagne & Candle are both able to write lyrics, compose music, and produce their own tracks. What’s My Name fits these expectations with lyrics the duo, Champagne composing and producing the piece, and only mixing from Master Key, the head producer at BNM.

The track shows a hip hop style, though they are set to create a wide range of music from

hot music fit for champagne (party) and soft music fit for candle (mood)

The mv is made up of clips from their first photo shoot, and aims to show off their relaxed personalities and strong fashion sense, in the hope they will stand out from many other rookies.

BrandNew plan to showcase Champagne & Candle through various outlets this year, through music and performances from the company.

Their track artwork comes from August Frogs, a team that have worked with hip hop artists such Paloalto, Huckleberry P, and Gray.

Photo: BrandNew Music

BrandNew have provided a free download link, included is the track, mv, and album art.

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