Epik High Digital Release 10.19



I am intrigued.

What do we know about Epik High? 

They’re intelligent, they rap with meaning, when it comes to hip hop they know their game

What do we know about Epik High and/or Tablo with YG so far?

When it comes to design nothing is done by half, Epik High have a contract that means they have complete creative control of their releases –

So why is this so intriguing?

For a teaser image there is a very clean simplicity to it, there are only two very distinct design elements. The hats the members wear and the gratified version of the new Epik High logo.

Graffiti has it’s very base hip hop links in it being an underground illegal act, unclean, different, standout. The graffiti contrasts a clean typographical logo and makes it personal.
Like the spray can is an extension of the artists arm, hip hop lyrics are an extension of an artists mind, an insight into to personal.

For me the most intriguing thing is the hats Epik High wear. The Mickey Mouse army helmets, most probably the Jeremy Scott original versions (we know YG loves JS), scream fashion; war; globalisation; media; childhood; brutality.


The combination of a brand like Disney and a power like war creates a very strong image for visual conversation.

Epik High are a group that always bring to the table tracks full of meaning and conversation – not that I’m suggesting that these will be the topics – simply that this image sets the head spinning for the interest to come!

Epik High and YG – I am liking your style so far! 


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