EXO – Sing For You

EXO have released their christmas track. Though their claim to the Kings of Kpop crown will always be debatable, the talent EXO possess is undeniable. All of their 2015 tracks have be impressive, but Sing For You stands its ground as a favourite for many reasons.

The ballad vocals, only accompanied by an acoustic guitar show off the solidity of the group even after the loss of three voices. It also marks a huge leap in maturity for the group.

There is some impressive symbolism in the mv too. With many references to loneliness as the narrative progresses we see the mv end with an astronaut and a whale.


There are well known references to the loneliness of space travel, and there’s a very famous whale of unidentified species know as the 52 Hertz Whale described as the ‘world’s loneliest whale’ as it is the only whale known the be emitting a whale call at that frequency.
The whale and the spaceman are characters that have met before, finding a solution to their loneliness together, in stores such as Joe E.B’s The Astronaut’s Whale. It’s an interesting symbol to summarise their mv.

This track is definitely befitting of the seasonal release. Turn on the Christmas tree lights, get yourself a mug of something warming and make this your soundtrack to a good book.


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