EXO – Wolf mv


EXO have released the mv for their new track Wolf.

EXO K version:


EXO M version:


Yesterday I wrote about the combination of the human gang and supernatural human-wolf pack themes within the second teaser and how they made for a promisingly strong narrative for the coming mv.

However today SM have released the mv and it is simply their regular SM formula. A number of large rooms, choreography and graphics.

I can only hope they release a drama version as they have for artists in the past. The second teaser certainly implied they have filmed narrative for the song, and I can’t imagine they would have filmed it simply for a teaser.

Edit: I’ve seen on the grapevine that there will be a 2nd version of the mv released at some point in the next 24 hours – so maybe we’ll get the drama we we promised in the teasers. Let’s hope SM step their game up!


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