G Dragon – Heartbreaker

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‘you got me really curious the other day about this one! Especially about the whole apple thing’

There is a first and simple answer for the apples in the Heartbreaker concept and that is the one G Dragon himself gave for this symbol. He said he himself chose them because they remind him of the shape of a heart.

There is a lot more to the idea of the fruit used here though. Fruit is, and has been for an age, used as a metaphor for sexuality.
G Dragon’s apple, the one in his logo is whole and untouched, this state mirrored in him with the purity in his white clothing and platinum hair – whether you believe this of GD or not, the symbolism is there.

The girls at the beginning of the mv have apples that are eaten to the cores, their displays of sexuality as they surround GD are intended to reflect the level displayed in the apple.

G Dragon bites into an apple, one representing the female he considers the ‘heartbreaker’. This he adds to a gallery of apples.
In the gallery you see a variety of different apples that would represent all different kinds of women, which GD can appear to use to recall memories of them.

There’s an implication in the story that the GD you see in this instance wants a confident women despite stating ‘I’m all by myself but its all good’. Of course he pines for the heartbreaker, I guess we can blame that on the symbolised innocence.


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