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I included two G Dragon mvs in my Noteworthy Concepts of 2012 series, though the post lacked detail for one of the mv concepts. Over on the tumblr version of this blog I’ve had a request to explain the concept for this mv so here it is – GD’s That XX.

GD himself has explained that That XX is the story of a love triangle and that in part goes to beginning to explain what we see as the first and most explicit meaning in the mv for the track.

It depicts nice guy GD looking in on the relationship of YG trainee Jennie Kim and her bad guy boyfriend GD.

The nice guy has seen the bad guy with another girl, he’s seen that he doesn’t treat girlfriend Jennie the way she deserves.

The deeper more implicit meaning in That XX is that, even though the track sings of a love triangle, the visual triangle is displayed using just G Dragon and thus shows two sides of one person.

The GD free of tattoos, eye liner, jewellery and hair product is looking in on the current relationship between Jennie and the bad guy GD.

All he sees of the bad guy are cuts of the aesthetics that make him different to his nice guy exterior. It’s not until two and a half minutes into the mv that we actually see the face of the bad guy.

Following that we see nice guy GD emerge from a bathtub.


We can just about see the sleeve tattoo under his shirt, though because his hands are free of tattoos we know this is the nice guy GD.
This is why we can read the more implicit hidden meaning from the mv.
G Dragon started to become the bag guy we see him looking in on, That XX he is singing about is himself. He even pushes his hair back to resemble the slicked back hair of the bad guy GD.

GD became the bad guy, and cheated on his girlfriend, and now looking on his actions he can see the how they affect her.

Looking at G Dragon as either two separate men or two sides of one man doesn’t change the strength of the mv. The narrative and design in That XX is beautiful, and makes for one of G Dragon’s most impressive solo mvs.


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