300 Days With PHANTOM – HybReFine


June 11th may have come to a close in Korea but we’re only at 5pm in the UK so why not add some HybReFine to your afternoon?

Before forming PHANTOM, leader and rapper Kiggen produced music under the name HybReFine.

It appears that Kiggen likes the work ‘hybrid’, PHANTOM of course use this word to describe their hip hop style, I assume simply because it is such a perfect word to describe the fusion of sounds that both Kiggen alone, and PHANTOM as a group, work with and create.

Take a listen to the gorgeous blend of sounds in Starlight Love, there’s even some added Kiggen humour at the end:



How about the atmospheric jazz fusion of Cafe Le KIGGEN? I love to put this track in my playlists when I’m working on my graphics pieces:



And let’s not forget the upbeat and electronic collaboration with Sanchez & Victoria, Cosmic Dance:



If you haven’t explored the previous music of Kiggen yet and this has peaked your interest take a look at his youtube channel, or just search HybReFine on YouTube, you’ll find all sorts of goodies!


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