In terms of view counts for the weekend’s releases, INFINITE’s offering is lagging, a good million views behind that of GOT7. Maybe it’s my age that has me preferring the release from the older group, but Bad truly is a visual gem.

Yes, Just Right is a fun mv, though with five years on the members I feel as if I can find that same ‘advice’ in a much more age appropriate package from Phantom and Verbal Jint’s Come As You Are.

I have to admit, where Infinite are concerned the only MV they have released that I have paid attention to was Destiny, and that is only because it was filmed on the Universal lot by my favourite mv directors, I don’t at all recall the song. I do however appreciate Infinite H, so I try to listen to the main unit’s title tracks at least once to see if they’ll finally hook me in.
Bad could be the one that does it.

Bad doesn’t have a unique concept, we’ve seen the same from Henry Lau, BIGBANG, and Loco to name but a few, and I feel I must point out they’re not all by the same directors.

Bad, just like the other examples, displays self-inflicted entrapment, though it’s self-infliction isn’t acknowledge, blame is actually projected onto a woman.
The mentality to not give up, to want to change a person or situation is solely upon the male, though the lyrical message is often ‘you make me feel this way, therefore you have trapped me’.
Bad especially has a lyrical message of blame, for lack of a better word, though the visual is far more clever.

The members are always trapped by themselves, and we see this in a number of ways; including mirror reflections and their inability to break free of boundaries such as the one created by the hanging frame in the choreography cuts. The female in this mv never appears as the reason for their entrapment, only as an ever present image, sometimes a distant one, thus she is a contributing factor, not the sole cause.

The choreography cuts are particularly interesting for Kpop too, often choreography cuts will stray slightly from concept, putting the artist(s) in a large space that somewhat fits the visual, but Bad keeps the theme, even when putting the group in that large space, they are still trapped.

One of my favourite Kpop units is SHINee, in fact I’d dare say they’re the best group Kpop has to offer, and INFINITE are certainly a group that could rival them in the dance department. Where sound is concerned SHINee often appear as the guinea pigs of SM, often being the forerunners of new sounds for the industry so I don’t expect INFINITE to ever sound like them but I have learnt that this group is just as worth my attention as my favourites. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll finally give their music a little more time and see what the fuss is all about.


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