Kanto – Young Blood Mixtape


BrandNew Music trainee Kanto has released his second mixtape Young Blood.

Kanto is a trainee with the group TROY, they consist of Bumkey who has recently re-launched as a solo artist, and two other trainees Jaewoong and Changwoo. All four can be seen in Bumkey’s debut under BNM, Bad Girl.

Photo: Bad Girl mv

Left to right: Changwoo, Bumkey, Kanto, Jaewoong

Just hours ago Kanto and his company dropped free downloads of his mixtape on SoundCloud and Mediafire.

Produced by BNM’s head producer MasterKey, the mixtape features the following tracks, contributors, and base instrumentals:

  1. 감정기복 (Meek Mill – Dreams And Nightmares instrumental)
  2. 해와 달 (Day Break) (feat. 강민희 of 미스에스 Kang Min Hee of Miss $) (Wale – Bad instrumental)
  3. 멋을 아는 놈 (feat. 스윙스 Swings) (Big Sean – Beware instrumental)
  4. 요놈 물건이네 (YONOM) (Trap Beat instrumental)
  5. Survival Tactics (Joey Bada$$ – Survival Tactics instrumental)
  6. 과소평가 (Kanye West – New Slaves instrumental)
  7. Fly High (feat. Olltii, Sik-K) (Wale – Love Hate thing instrumental)
  8. 될놈 (Tyga – Ratchet instrumental)
  9. 초심 (Notorious Big – Hypnotize instrumental)
  10. Van Gogh (Kanye West – Send It Up instrumental)
  11. OMG (feat. Din Din) (Jay-Z Oh My God instrumental)
  12. 강남여자 (BONUS TRACK) (Skrillex – Scatta instrumental)

Tracks 2 and 7, Day Break and Fly High have mvs, in the form of one long split video.


I’m unsure whether the title card for Day Break is an intentional mistake. Daybreak means dawn, it is the time when sunlight first appears, and is the transition from night to day, therefore it could be that the use of ‘Day Night‘ instead of ‘Day Break‘ is not a mistake, though this isn’t something I can be sure off.

Day Break features label mate Kang Min Hee of Miss $ and Fly High features fellow hip hop rappers Ollti & SIK-K.

The Day Break mv, though set indoors, fits its title well. The dim blue lighting of most of the setting is met by the warm yellow hues of a room in the background. Much like the sunrise meeting the darkness of night – the meaning of day break.

Photo: Day Break mv

Kanto shows his hip hop roots in the Fly High mv. The rappers perform in graffitied back streets wearing popular clothing brands amongst hip hop artists such as Hood By Air: Clothing, Bape X Stussy: Ill Collaboration and Supreme Clothing.

Photos: mv & Instagram

Kanto is another of the impressive rappers hitting the scene with both skills for speed and intensely low tones, and you might be surprised to learn he’s only nineteen.

You can also hear Kanto on:

and much more.

So if you’re looking for a Korean rap mixtape to download this week, give Young Blood a listen!

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  • Sally

    do you know what shoes he is wearing?

    • http://lorewalsh.co.uk/ Lore

      They are from Michael Jordan’s Nike range and are the ‘Nike Air Jordan 8 Retro Playoff 2013 release’.
      There are lots of different coloured versions of the Nike Air Jordan 8, this is one of the cheaper ones in the line I think

      • Sally

        Thank you sooo much, it was really bothering me lol. Now I just have to save up the money…Great article btw I enjoy reading about other’s perspectives on Korean rap 🙂

        • http://lorewalsh.co.uk/ Lore

          I hadn’t noticed I’d mentioned a few of the brands & not the one for his shoes even though they’re the still photo for the video – I bet that was annoying.
          Thank you for your kind comment!