Kim Hyun Joong feat Jay Park – Unbreakable


SS501’s leader and main rapper Kim Hyun Joong has pre-released one of the much anticipated AOM/Illionaire collaboration tracks from his third mini album Round 3, Unbreakable.

His new mini album is his first in nearly two years and features a collaboration with both Jay Park and Dok2. Dok2 will feature on an R&B style track titled Your Story. The album comes out on the 22nd.

Prior to the pre-release of Unbreakable the teasers for the album have included three photographs of Hyun Joong sporting body art.

Photo: Kim Hyun Joong


The music video is by Hong Won Gi from Zanybros, responsible for production and postproduction of a whole host of music videos. Recently they’ve made both of B.A.P’s comeback mvs, Henry Lau’s solo debut, VIXX’s comeback, and Bangtan’s debut.

Unbreakable has the feel of a larger scale production, something that Zanybros also specialise in.

Two of the worlds most popular supercars feature in the video in a most extraordinary way. Ferrari and Lamborghini have a horse and a bull in their respective logos.

In Unbreakable we see the supercars change into, or from, these animals.

There are lots of traditional Korean arts in the mv that are reinterpreted in the dark tones and hip hop vibe of Unbreakable.

We see the combination of martial arts and traditional Korean two sword dancing called Geommu.

The display of large wooden carvings known as Dancheong and the modern reinterpretations as the designs adorn Hyun Joong’s clothing and art ‘tattooed’ onto his arms.

There is repetition of a goblin mask, interpreted in many forms, in the Dancheong style wood carvings, as a physical mask, and as a tattoo on Hyun Joong’s chest.

The dark and earthy tones emphasise the tradition and mood of the track, and they also bring out the depth of the ink in both the painting and tattoos on both artists, Hyun Joong’s being painted specifically for the concept, Jay’s being real of course.

Maybe not a conscious concept point, it is interesting to point out the contrast between Jay and Hyun Joong in terms of their body art.
Hyun Joong’s temporary art is created to reflect traditional arts. A lot of Jay’s permanent art that is on show is modern in comparison.

Photo: Jay Park for GQ Korea

Unbreakable is a fantastic mv, with each shot filled with more wonderful visuals you’ll be impressed by!
Take a few minutes to check this out, you won’t be disappointed!


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  • ashley

    wonderful mv! i’d like to know where you can buy the gray / metalic mask from the mv.

    • Lore

      I know there are sellers on ebay that have full size Yangban Hahoetal masks, these are masks from theatre drama. They’re traditional wood carving and are really amazing! Here
      It’s possible Hyun Joong’s is custom as Zanybros production here is very specific to the concept, but if I find one I’ll be sure to let you know!

  • Miz

    I would like to know where to buy the hoody with the word UNBREAKABLE?

    • Lore

      From what I can tell the base hoodie is a Givenchy Drawstring, that alone will set you back £1000! But Hyun Joong’s is a custom made hoodie especially for this concept.
      It has the Dancheong style art embroidered onto the back, and UNBREAKABLE embroidered onto the hood, and this will have been something Zanybros had done specifically for the mv for him at a considerable cost I’d have thought.

      One thing I can suggest is there are people that could probably make this kind of thing, there may even BE some around, you don’t need a Givenchy hoodie, black hoodies cost next to nothing!
      You could head over to WearableKpop on tumblr and ask them if they know of anywhere that sells remakes of Hyun Joong’s custom jacket! They’re really good at sourcing Kpop clothes!
      And if all else fails – get yourself a black hoodie, get yourself some iron-on transfers for black fabric and get creative with some Dancheong patterns (you could even screen grab the close up of the back of the jacket in the mv and redraw it) and typography and you’ll have yourself a cost effective Unbreakable hoodie in no time!