Miuxe Mac Korean Keyboard Sticker Review

During university I spent a lot of my third year using the 2-set Korean language setting on my Mac, as I worked with translators to create Korean design.

At the time I looked at keyboard stickers though found none I would have been happy sticking onto the sleek black keys of my silver Macbook Pro. So, I opted for opening the Keyboard Viewer, and either using the mouse to slowly type in my chosen word, or working out which keys to press.

Recently I started taking Korean classes however, and using the keyboard viewer is much too slow. So, I looked for keyboard stickers once more.

I didn’t want glittery ones, or pink ones, or ones with Molang on, I just wanted something that wouldn’t change the look of my Mac. Photo: miuxe.com

Then I remember a keyboard sticker I’d longed for back at University, the Photoshop tools set, they were made for Mac. So I set out hunting.

That is when I found Miuxe, the maker of numerous sets of software tool stickers, and luckily the home to a small selection of language stickers for Mac too [they do Arabic and Russian too].

Available in black or white for the varying types of Mac keyboard Miuxe’s stickers fit this need perfectly.

For £6.95 I purchased a black set, suitable for Apple Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Macbook (Unibody, black). They arrived the day after dispatch, taking a total of 48 hours to arrive after I pressed buy. Inside the envelope the sticker sheet is protected by a simple but friendly thank you.

Photo: conceptlore

The stickers are high quality and printed on an antiglare vinyl film, they feel much like high quality satin photo prints.

Photo: conceptlore

They perfectly match the button size and are non-transparent, which means you have to carefully stick them, though it doesn’t take long to apply the set.

The stickers also appear to be very durable, I can’t imagine I’ll be having to buy a new set in a month because the print wore away [Though I’ll be sure to update if this becomes the case].

Miuxe do include all square keys in their set, including punctuation and number keys, so if you’d like all your keys to be consistent in look and feel it is possible – I personally chose not to apply the additional, unchanging keys.

As a tip for applying any keyboard stickers – make sure your keyboard is cleaned first, you don’t necessarily need a keyboard cleaning product for this, as a baby wipe or alcohol free make up wipe will do the job just as well.
Anyone looking for Korean stickers for their Mac should definitely check out miuxe.com and you shouldn’t be disappointed by their high quality and low prices.


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  • Sergio Ruiz Pérez

    Do they still working? I have ordered some stickers, however no delivery status updated, no stickers received, no money refunded, no reply after contacting them….