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A blogger I follow is Australian based comic artist Nichola, she’s married to a Korean born man, Mr Gwon, whom she met when he was studying in Sydney. 

Her comics document the adventures of being married to a Korean man, often highlighting cultural differences, language barriers and just the fun that occurs in their life.

Alongside their comics Nichola and Hugh have a YouTube channel where they post a whole host of things from commentary on Kpop tracks, to cooking videos.

More recently the couple have introduced their friends, also an Australian woman married to a Korean man, Sophie and Han Alexander Song. Han was introduced in a video in which he played a fake G Dragon. In Han’s first video Hugh and ‘fake’ GD fight over Nichola, as she is a big fan of the idol. He then went on to give some questionable love advice as G Dragon.

The videos featuring Hugh and Han that I want to write about however are the ones they have posted in the last twenty-four hours.
As a fan of Korean culture and Korean celebrity culture the view one gets of military service can often be overshadowed by what we see idols doing, the controversies of the now disbanded Celebrity Soldier regiment certainly did not help this.

Hugh and Han both served in the navy, Hugh from 2001 and Han from 2007, though when enlisted every male goes through an initial first months training. In these two videos they talk about:

  • the reasons they chose to serve in the Navy (you’ll never guess one of the reasons);
  • leaving their parents;
  • having their head shaved in the first week of being at military camp and what other things happen during this process;
  • the first month’s training;
  • strict regimes;
  • their view on kpop idols doing service

These two videos are well worth a watch if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Korean Military service, and if you still have any questions all you need do is leave a message for Nichola, Hugh or Han via the My Korean Husband website or any of their SNS, all of which you can find linked below. They’re extremely friendly and always willing to answer any questions they receive.

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