[UnitedKpop] Kpop’s Lolita Complex

Plagiarism, sexualisation, paedophilia – all things soloist IU has been accused of in the past couple of weeks. IU is possibly a topic that has been exhausted, even The Guardian has covered it. There’s been accusations, apologies, official statements, and plenty of reaction to the themes in IU’s Chat-shire releases; but is there a much bigger picture here? Many of the accusations raise questions about Kpop as a whole, and leave one wondering if IU was simply an easy target after Dispatch revealed her relationship with Jang Ki Ha, eleven years her senior.

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XIA [Kim Junsu] – Yesterday

XIA (Kim Junsu) is back, with what is billed to be his final release before enlisting in the military. The mini album, Yesterday features eight tracks, including title Yesterday, and acoustic version of Tarantallegra, Incredible and Flower (all of which are stunning reimaginings of the original versions).

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[Fashion Fix] In conversation with Bajowoo – 99%IS

Written for UnitedKpop

A crowded sea-front pub in, for once, truly sunny Blackpool is the setting of our impromptu meet up with fashion designer Bajowoo (real name Park Jong Woo, though never referred to as such). The pub is a sea of mohawks, leather and colourful dye, and the 99%IS founder is no different, though he’s given the spikes a rest this afternoon. Blackpool is playing host to Rebellion, one of the world’s most popular Punk festivals, as it does every year, and that is exactly what has brought Bajowoo to this English seaside town.

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