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Earlier a message appeared in my YouTube inbox from Peter Jang, ‘a Korean-American dude who loves music’.

Peter has noticed my comment on Bumkey’s Bad Girl and suggested if I liked Bumkey I should watch his cover.

Now, I do love Bumkey, and Bad Girl, but was immediately skeptical because Bumkey is quite unique and anyone covering him is taking on a lot but I clicked on the link anyway – and the video must have been good, or I wouldn’t be sharing it with everyone here.

Here’s Peter Jang & Jiwon covering Bumkey’s Bad Girl.

Venturing further onto his channel I was pleased to find the other 5 videos he’s featured are all by artists I love.

I think his cover of Two Melodies might be my favourite and I know a few friends who love Zion T that I’ll be sending this to once I’ve finished with this blog.

I’ve pressed Peter Jang’s subscribe button & I’d certainly suggest you check out his videos and maybe add him to your YouTube subscriptions if his covers interest you too!


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