Roy Kim – Love Love Love

Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim has released the mv for Love Love Love, a teaser that I featured in one of my special collectives last week.


It’s simply a sweet love song with a beautifully summery sound, fit for the time of its release. The mv is is full of fans of the star, and its quite refreshing to see fans of such a range of ages and of both genders.

Photo: Love Love Love mv

The mv shows off the summery sound alongside a fun summery vibe as the fans create his stage with giant lettering, and he plays his guitar as he travels on a sitting room set up on the back of a flatbed truck waving at passers by.

Roy Kim Smart Phones

It also gives you a real idea of just how much of a digital age we live in, and how smartphone oriented South Korea really is. With the fastest WiFi in the world its not surprising everyone has the latest smartphones and in so many of scenes of the mv a high percentage of the fans are taking photos of, or filming, Kim.

Whether in the moment you’d choose to just enjoy the chance to see the impromptu concert rather than film the whole thing on your shiny Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I guess is something that would very from person to person.

I can’t say I wouldn’t want to take at least one or two photos,  but I know I’d rather watch what was happening than watch it though the screen of my phone, even if I too have a 5.5 inch widescreen Note 2 display.

Looking for some music for summer? Check out Roy Kim to start off your playlist!


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