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Rapper San E was set to release his single Body Language, featuring label mate Bumkey, on Monday 4th August. Though due to a mistake the mv was uploaded to the BrandNew Music YouTube rather than the TS.

The mistake was corrected relatively quickly, though that didn’t stop those who had already illegally downloaded the mv from sharing it. So, to beat the unofficial sharing of the mv San E decided to upload the full mv himself, despite the single download not being available for another three days.

It was never a secret that Body Language was going to hold a 19+ rating, for content and visual. What is refreshing is that the more sexual content we see doesn’t appear without reason, there is a surrounding narrative.

The mv’s narrative is based around San playing a video game, Body Language, in which he can control the video game graphics that present sexual, or fetishised, situations.

Amusingly we see TROY’s Jaewoong, wearing one of his outfits from their Green Light mv, acting in a role one could consider a kind of fetish police. Jaewoong (in)conveniently interrupts the gameplay, arresting the male (credited only as Matt) and ending the scenes that San has controlled.


During his third and final game via Body Language he is disappointed to find the power cuts out on his games console, ceasing his game.
Though to his delight the girls featuring in the Body Language game (Han Song Yi, and Rock Chae Eun) are in fact real.

via: Body Language mv

Though just after San’s fun is about to begin his alarm sounds. He wakes, fancy clothing gone, furniture less elaborate, the remnants of food not as plentiful as they had been.

It had been San’s imagination and dreams, satisfying at the time, now just frustrating.

via: Body Language mv

As with all of San E’s releases and mvs, this is another high impact song & visual, one that shows off his strong, no nonsense style. The track officially comes out on Monday, and despite the mv already circulating should be well worth downloading given the talents of the two artists.


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