San E – Story Of Someone I Know

San E is back with a new track created especially for all the fans that have stuck with him over the years, even as he as moved company and begun to follow his own musical direction over the past few months.


Story Of Someone I Know is the tale of a break up. Lyrically San tells of the end of a relationship between his friend and that friend’s girlfriend.

I’ll tell you the story of someone I know
A guy who broke up with his loving girlfriend a few days ago
Just a person i know
He’s taking it hard and is really sad

But as San gets into the story he becomes very involves and the truth begins to slip into his words.

I’m so sad
Did I just say ‘I’m’?
I guess I got too into the story, you understand, right?
But you ask how I know the story this well?
Oh because we’re really close

San E confirms lyrically that the someone he knows is in fact as he ends

Yeah, that guy is me
It’s really hard and I’m really sad
So what should I do?
Nah, never mind
Just… Just…

The mv is the work of BrandNew collaborators Woody Answer and Bryan Ku who’s recent work for the company includes Bumkey’s Bad Girl and PHANTOM’s Come As You Are.

San E’s mv sees him visit the Department of Neuropsychiatry to tell the story of someone he knows to a doctor, played by Hello Venus’ Nara!

Photo: Story of Someone I Know mv

From early on in the video we know the someone he knows is himself, as cut away scenes show him with the girl in his lyrical story.

The first of his cut away memories is triggered by the bracelet the doctor is wearing, which he remembers trying on the wrist of his girlfriend as she worked, possibly in their first meeting in a way of talking to her.

Photos: Story of Someone I Know mv

We see their relationship grow and also San tell more of his ‘friend’s’ story.

Probed more on who this person is he sticks to his story that it is

Um… just someone I know

Though the doctor changes her tactics to distract San and get the answers she wants.


This leads to San E visually recalling his break up, and he becomes extremely emotional, the only person in the room as his story explodes.
Until he realises he has accidentally said ‘I’m’ and has to reel back into his story.

This is where the plot takes its biggest turn.
We are no longer with San and the doctor in her office, they have parted ways.
Doctor Nara is heading upstairs in her house where she is talking to someone.


We find out that she is talking to a girl who then pulls her into the shower with her. We then see both girls’ watches side by side, confirming that the girl in the shower – despite her hair appearing different – is San’s ex-girlfriend, as she was wearing the white watch throughout the early flashbacks.

This also explains how the doctor came by the bracelet San brought his girlfriend.


Speaking of this wonderful plot twist, this isn’t the first time creative director Woody Answer has used this line.
If you look back at Bumkey’s Bad Girl you’ll notice the same twist with Jaewoong of TROY as Bumkey walks by him. [Blog here]

Another BrandNew mv link includes the sofa in the doctors office. You might remember this from PHANTOM’s Come As You Are video in which the blank sets represent the lyrics wishes for a natural image. [Blog here]

Photo: Story of Someone I Know mv

It has been commented that the track is a little reminiscent of Geek’s Officially Missing YouGeeks are distributed by the same company as San’s label mates PHANTOM. This similarity isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s a popular song in Korea, and San’s track is, I must stress, entirely different, which you can tell upon listening to both.

San E is certainly making the most of his ability to follow his heart with his music with BNM and Story Of Someone I Know shows off his skills fantastically.

If you missed San E’s first outing with BrandNew you can read about Rap Circus here.



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