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SHINee are back with their new album Everybody, and its title track of the same name.

Everybody is SHINee’s reboot. Slowly we have seen SHINee growing up from their young image, though their last release Why So Serious?, which came from the album Misconceptions of Me, while keeping them young and edgy also brought the members styling that suited their age.

Everybody changes their styling once more, making it even more sophisticated and stylised, fitting the group even more now they are no longer teenagers.

SHINee have often been in the forefront in the fashion stakes, being a group that has a top Korean designer [ Ha:Sang;Beg ] behind the development of their now well known look named SHINee Style, this look has matured with them.

Even in their military look for Everybody you can still see the markers of SHINee Style proud amongst the look in the customisation. Whether it be in the features such as Key’s shorts, or the pattern work in one of their uniforms their military style is always unique to SHINee.

Photos: Everybody mv

Their comeback comes with a rebranded typographic logo and a symbol to represent the group.

Photos: SMTown

As this is SHINee’s reboot the beginning of the mv sees them linked up to wiring before being plugged in and activated by masked, faceless droids.

Photos: Everybody mv

Far from being just an SM Formula box mv full of SHINee choreography and solo shots Everybody actually poses some interesting questions.

It’s quite important to have seen the Everybody Image Teaser to fill in a couple of gaps in the concept I’d feel.

In the moment of choreography that we see Minho control the others we can look to the image teaser for more information.

The Image Teaser has Minho playing a form of flute, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin he is in control. The other members have switches and keys that can be used to activate, them much like in the opening scene of the mv where all the members needed to be plugged in, four of them are under Minho’s control.

Photos: Everybody mv

The military concept isn’t something that fits the lyrics, so what is it?
Teams and gangs are something we’ve seen a lot of in kpop concepts to show strength within the group, but emerging very recently from this idea are themes of military and rebellion. These could be emerging as social commentary, both regarding the country’s situation and as the male idols get older and have to think about their mandatory military service.

Maybe more interestingly is the visual commentary regarding the forerunners of the industry, particularly one at YG, within their solo shots.

Many of their solo styles are reminiscent of those worn by YG artists, or G Dragon in particular, and there are some scenes we can associate with his recent hit Coup D’etat, which takes on a concept of rebellion and had military-esque uniforms in its styling.

Jonghyun smashes up white art busts as G Dragon similarly does to symbolise becoming a new man. His styling is similar to the YG idol’s through the cane and glasses he often used during his One Of A Kind tour.

Taemin shows off his bare chest under a fur coat and numerous jewelled crosses, fashion statements G Dragon isn’t a stranger to.

One of Key’s military outfits sees him with long dark hair. Throughout his One Of A Kind era mvs and much of Coup D’etat G Dragon has long hair before becoming the new man he creates once his coup is successful at the end of his mv.

Photos: Everybody mv Photos: Everybody mv

We could even look at the symbol SHINee have rebranded with and compare this to G Dragon’s use of his adapted peace symbol as his own Coup D’etat logo.

Could images such as these be a statement that SHINee, and SM as a whole, should not be discarded when the forerunners of Kpop are being considered. People like G Dragon may take the throne temporarily via their musical revolution but ultimately the control shall lie with the masters at SM?
Everybody implies SM have a very complex control, their ranks are vast and strong as represented by the droids we see, their idols’ power is varied and strong, and they can compete with anyone who throws down the gauntlet in the Kpop arena.

Even as a display of style and choreography Everybody is a stunning mv, and one you shouldn’t miss.



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