SM x VU – SHINee Everybody Remix


SHINee’s management company SM Entertainment have teamed up with VU Entertainment to have some of their artists produce a series of remixes of the group’s latest title track, Everybody.

The original track is a rather unique kpop track that takes on the markers of complextro, a genre born of dubstep.




My reason for checking out the remixes, IDIOTAPE (Pronounced either Idio-tape or idiot-ape, the group really don’t mind). Idiotape combine a powerful mix of dance beats and electro rock. The group are Dguru, producer and master of the synthesizer, Zeze on the synthesizer, and DR on drums. In Seoul they can be found lighting up Seoul’s live club circuit, and the group aren’t strangers to teaming up with fashion brands either producing all kinds of music and videos with brands such as Ashcroft Eyewear, Fred Perry and Converse.




KINGMCK (pronounced Kingmac) is otherwise know as Kim Minchan. Spending his childhood in Florida he grew up with a love of grunge rock and house music which led to him becoming a DJ and producer. KINGMCK is currently the only Asian DJ sponsored by alcohol brand Jägermeister, and is highly influential in the Korean club scene. He has a unique taste in music, frequently catches attention with his remix work and has been booked for many major festivals in Korea such as the World DJ Festival, Hi! Seoul Festival and Global Gathering Korea alongside major acts such as Fatboy Slim and Armin van Buuren.




LIKE,LIKES, formed of SEOK & TOYO (Choi Seok & Lee Toyo) are an urban garage house DJ duo. They are fairly new to the Korean electronic scene, but in a few short months have played at Global Gathering Korea, and released an EP, Laid Back Dreaming.




Originally part of the highly successful electro-house duo Astro Voize, SCARNITE (Son Sungho) has returned as a solo DJ. SCARNITE is setting the Korean club scene on fire as one of the first Korean DJs to venture into the Complextro genre. Despite only recently breaking out as a solo DJ he was invited to play Global Gathering Korea 2013, and you can download his hour long promo mix set from his Soundcloud.



One of the duos that worked on Everybody’s composition and production are DJ duo Coach & Sendo. Coach created a live remix of Everybody on the Novation Launchpad controller, a synthesizer which has 64 launch pads with 3 different coloured LEDs for triggering loops and sound effects on the computer system it is linked to. It had its own professional sound library but DJs an add their own sounds.

As Kpop remixes go, you surely won’t find any better than those created by the original producers and Seoul’s finest DJs. Everybody was the perfect track for this project and the remixes that have emerged are definitely worth a listen!


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