SMTOWN have just updated their SMTOWN NOW app for iOS and Android, and although its been around for a fair few months it seems SMTOWN are now actively promoting the app to fans.

The app is essentially the website, easily accessible via a smartphone.
now.smtown combines the updates from SMTOWN’s websites and SNS in a slick blog-looking website. The app does exactly the same.


Featuring all the Facebook image collections, news updates (predominately in their source language of Korean), and videos utilising YouTube integrations, you are able to now get news on all active SMTOWN acts right in your hand, anytime you want.

You can even create a NOW account, all the sign up process is in English, allowing you to leave comments on the articles.


This is a great alternative to the SMTOWN OFFICIAL APPLICATION which has a completely Korean interface.

If you’re an SMTOWN fan who likes to keep updated, and you have a smartphone there’s absolutely no reason not to download SMTOWN NOW as it’s available in both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play store for free.


*caps taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Android smartphone


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