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A compilation of all the posts relating to Super Junior’s Mr Simple teasers.


The typography isn’t visually pleasing. But I’ve never favoured SM’s choice of font, more often than not they are ripping off fonts from my favourite designers.
I’m thinking the layering might imply futuristic and dimensional themes.

I’m assuming we’re going to see a variety of colours in the teasers. Maybe even 10 different colours. The colour changing homepage makes me think of hideous visualiser effects on wmp and iTunes.

First impression are negative. So far, not so good. I’m worried I’m going to hate the music if this is a visual representation – as a concept should be.

But I’ll give it time, you’ll probably see my views and ideas change throughout the teaser releases.

As a little disclaimer: No matter what I say about their concept design I love SuJu, regardless. If I say I don’t like a piece of clothing or haircut doesn’t mean I’m hating on them. I’m just a design snob and am really critical of concepts! I’ll be an ELF even if they all dye their hair green and wear luminous yellow dresses with hot pink stilettos for 5jib

Blond hair works on Eunhyuk. The lighting of his shot implies a sort of ethereal nature, and the gold band feels all most like a halo. Whether this was intended I’ll probably never know. Unless Siwon has concepted the album I doubt the theme is anything heavenly.
The jewel on his neck is of course apt for Eunhyuk, but so far I’m unsure about the others. His fingers and hands seem to be ‘doodled’ on too. I wonder if this is some kind of human touch addition that will run through the whole concept.
The outfit … is it a suit and jacket? coat? a dress? a onesie? I have no idea. Red is a good colour for him, but it contrasts the angelic image created by the lighting and hair with a devilish smack in the face. I do hope we don’t see each member in an outfit of a different bold colour. This seems far too obvious and overdone.

First concept ideas … Futuristic Youth

It looks like Hae smelt something bad. Why does his hand need to be in front of his face? I’m guessing it’s so we can see his accessories. There are a lot of accessories on Donghae. This whole get up feels kind of new age pop culture. Maybe some cyber themes coming through. Donghae’s teaser reminds me of numerous booms in fashion styles in Japan. It’s disjointed and very un-Donghae, but concepts never were meant to comfort zones.
Even more layers of text, making some of it even harder to distinguish. But again, my views on SM & type have never been good.
This time there are no human touch additions, so I’m still unsure as to their purpose or meaning in the first teaser.

Concept idea … still thinking Futuristic Youth

Personal preference comment, I’m really unsure about this hair on Teuk, it’s so boxy and odd. Hair doesn’t define someone though, so preference is somewhat irrelevant.
The styling had changed here. There are less digital type elements and far more ‘hand done’ elements. We’ve got far less space. This is what, at uni, we referred to as chucking in the kitchen sink. It feels like the designer thought ‘THERE’S SO MUCH SPACE, FILL IT UP WITH SHIT QUICK!’

Yesterday I convinced myself there was a glimmer of hope for the concept, but today, I hate this image.

Let me comment on the outfit. Which I don’t think I can even call an outfit. Teuk isn’t wearing any real combination of clothes. The ropes reflect the one rope we saw in Hae’s teaser but still have no real significance.
He probably needs both of those jackets to warm him up because of the leg/pant situation.
I don’t know if I’ve observed this correctly but here’s what I think I see. Galliano boxer briefs, on top of an unknown boxer brief, on top of McQueen boxer briefs. Underneath all of these are heavy fishnet tights(?) Had we had his feet in the teaser I’d fully expect bright red stiletto heels.

His accessories look cheap but I guess they suit the rest of the haphazard getup.

I’m still feeling the futuristic youth vibe. Although I can only hope and pray people do not dress like this in the future.

Again I’m reminded a lot of pop culture and Japan’s take on said culture’s fashion. Which feels like a little bit of a design step back.

I could have just said – I HATE THIS TEASER – and I do. I love Leeteuk and the concept won’t change that. But this is a ridiculous piece of design.

Concept idea … new wave pop culture

Again we’ve lost the hand rendered element, and this time we have bling … and it’s over kill once again.
The type style is actually easier to read for once, but still had a multitude of typographical sins.

The gun completely throws me off, we’ve not had anything so far that has similar connotations so unless it’s purpose is purely to be shiny and odd then bravo SM.

As expected, bright colours, unusual accessories, oddly combined clothes.

I’m feeling the cutting edge youth culture vibe, maybe a little globalisation too?!

Concept idea … New Wave / Avant Garde Pop Culture

The teaser I’ve been dreading because I feel the images so far are so un-Kyuhyun. He actually looks quite confident, and that I like. Either he’s lit oddly or they make up artists put too much bronzer on his face – his face is so differently coloured to his arms.

Not even going to go into the type, you all know how I feel about SM and type by now.

There is a rumour that all the members represent different countries, or parts of the world. And Kyuhyun’s would support that. It feels very Western Europe. Most probably Germany. But the whole Avant Garde Pop Culture theme I have been feeling from early on is such a Western European thing anyway. France and Germany do New Wave Pop spectacularly and this does seem a trying effort at their styles.

I say Germany over France because of the colours and the hat. I’m sure most people think military and the bigger military power of the two countries was/is Germany.

Most of his accessories are awful, as is the trend with the concept so far.

Multitude of fashion sins, too many patterns, too many colours. But it fits my theories.

Still my love for this concepts visuals isn’t great but I’m enjoying the thought behind it

Concept idea … international avant garde pop culture

As I said with Kyuhyun, Sungmin looks very confident and that makes me like his teaser a little more. I’m still not to impressed by the concept design however.

There are really amateur mistakes in this one like the bad editing around Min’s hair.

Large text fills this time consist of colour changed patterns from his clothing, making the layered text even harder to read. There is even one small piece of text in the exact colour of the background, meaning it is almost lost. SM need typographers who understand legibility. And kerning for that matter. English lettering is harder to kern than Hangul (trust me, I’ve kerned both) and I don’t think the SM typographers (if they even have legit typography designers) have mastered roman letter spacing just yet.

Sungmin is the second member with a jewelled up gun. Still no idea why.

My themes ideas still haven’t changed that much.

Concept idea … international avant garde pop culture

So if we’re going for country representations then Ryeowook is obvious. This is the first time we’ve had such an explicit country reference. I had thought Eunhyuk was the UK because of the regal elements but I guess I was wrong on that one, I won’t share my new theory for Hyuk.

In terms of British design this doesn’t really fit anything that’s happening over here right now. But I haven’t been under any illusion that this concept was researched well enough to reference design within it’s topic countries. His frames and blazer do sightly reference the gentlemanly ‘posh’ image most countries have of Britain but other than that I’m lost for Brit comparisons.

Wook’s got some muscular legs there … can’t say I’ve ever looked at Wook’s legs before. Anyway back to business. The intention seems to be to make Ryeowook look taller by pulling focus to the length of his legs. He happens to be the first member to have a full body shot too. I assume we’re going to get at least one more full shot so he doesn’t look out of place.

This is the most legible type we’ve had so far. I still don’t like it but it’s an improvement.

I’ll never understand why no one photoshopped the feather from the floor. I can’t think of an obvious link for the feathers but most props we’ve seen so far haven’t been explainable. All I can say is, at least Wook isn’t packing a gun down those shorts.

If this concept doesn’t have themes of Avant Garde Pop Culture I’ll be very surprised, all the photos scream it. Had this teaser been just the top half of the image I would have instantly made it my favourite.

I stick to my Concept idea … international avant garde pop culture

Main point – BAD editing!

All around Yesung’s hair and hat you can see the awful editing to turn the background green. It’s so obvious and hideous. Plus whilst colour editing they’ve left a green tinge to his hat, which is almost certainly supposed to be black.

Green and pink is a big yes, they always work together. Not so much when you add red though, the red really throws off the colour balance and makes the design harsher on the eyes, I guess this could have been on purpose.

Small type at the bottom … key line = no no! It doesn’t help the already hard to read text.

I don’t have anything more to say about the concept as a whole as they’re still following the themes I’ve pulled out so far.

I was looking forward to seeing what Yesung would look like but I’m not impressed really.

Concept guess … International avant garde pop culture

I’m doing this now while it’s fresh in my brain. It will be short, and simple.

Despite making me angry this is the best teaser in terms of its design. The colours work. The type is the best we’ve seen so far.

Regarding my ideas about concept, it still does fit avant garde pop culture to most degrees. And the international theme – Brazil/South America anyone?!

For my views on the actual image, see my last post POST NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE *I’ll just let you know I’m not the biggest fan of this teaser image*

Concept guess … SMEnt’s exploitation of its artists international avant garde pop culture

I doubt I’ll surprise anyone by saying I don’t like this.

The hand drawn elements look amateur … there was this girl on my course that used to do hand drawn a lot and it always looked poor, this makes me think of her. Filigree and hand drawn adornments are something I happen to do occasionally and I’m so meticulous about them, it’s a shame SM aren’t.

Possibly too many colours in this outfit, it feels a little bit like Heechul was dressed in the dark.

Bad editing around his hair and hat. Hard to read typography. Odd colour differences between face and hands.

As with a couple of other teasers they make me wonder how they passed the Art Directors scrutiny. Do SM even have a concepts Art Director that quality checks the visuals? If they do then I think they need replacing.

First fully obvious reference to the single name is included here, even though we got teasers of it in Teuk’s image.

His hair looks good though

Concept is still very … avant garde pop culture

So those are the 10 teasers, full of design flaws and disasters. I wonder if any of you have gathered which is my favourite?

I hope they’ll grow on me.

It’s certainly a design risk for SM, but I think it will pay off with the ELF fandom, because they’re so accepting (and generally not as critical as me as a whole =D)

I hope you all know I love SuJu regardless, large scale media design and audience visual experience is something I actually aspire to work in, so it both intrigues and frustrates me. I love to analyse concepts and this is giving me no end of talking points.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy of the album because these images will probably look much better in print, I may even start to love the concept


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