As Part 002 of YG FAMILY’s Cover Project Tablo has covered Taeyang’s Eyes.Nose.Lips. Unlike AKMU in Part 001 who did exactly as you’d expect and covered the track, Epik High’s leader Tablo has taken the project one step further and written a whole new version.

With entirely new English lyrics the song keeps the original melody, here remixed by DJ Tukutz also of Epik High, and the feelings of the track to take on a whole new spirit.

With a simple mv Tablo’s cover, or sample, captures the original track perfectly, the monochrome and lack of distraction adding to the drama of Tablo’s intricate, thought provoking lyrics.

Taeyang stays true to his original mv, appearing in the same simple setting as Tablo – a purely empty black setting – and as he does in the original sports a bare torso. With Taeyang’s vocal injection comes too the colour of the original mv, not only on himself but on Tablo.

Epik High’s last offering, 99, brought many questions as to whether YG had commercialised Tablo and Epik High, taking away the true individual elements that defined them.

One thing this cover proves is that Tablo has no problem delivering the high quality, intelligent lyrics he is known for, that have you listening again and again, reading between the lines, and intricacies in the meaning.

Photo: Lyrics via YGLIFE

Although at ConceptLore I try not to show too much bias, it is artists such as Tablo that bring out that bias. It is my opinion that whilst Tablo resides at YG he will be one of their strongest song writers, creating some of their most technically strong pieces.

The EYES.NOSE.LIPS cover by TABLO X TAEYANG serves to showcase Tablo’s skills are on top form as he works on Epik High’s eighth album, now it is only a matter of time and patience for High Skool.


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