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BIGBANG’s Taeyang has released the teaser spot for his album RISE. This album will feature his recent solo track Ringa Linga, though the title track will be a track called Eyes, Nose, and Lips. Taeyang will go on to to reveal another two mvs for tracks called 1AM and Body. 

The TS for RISE has very similar vibes to the mv and dance one shot for Ringa Linga, displaying urban hip hop themes and continued symbolism of the sun.

Dong Youngbae’s stage names, Taeyang 태양 and Sol, mean sun and of course both the name and logo imagery for Rise imply a link to Taeyang’s name, something often seen in his concepts. 

The sun is a symbol of the divine in many religions, and often represents cycles of death and rebirth towards evolution. This explains the repetition of the circle, and circular motions within the RISE teaser.

As with both the Ringa Linga mv and especially the dance performance the hues and themes are less pop and more urban hip hop, were Taeyang not so obviously Asian one might wonder if RISE was an ad spot for an American hip hop artist.
Asia hold ‘black music’, the name they often use for anything by a black hip hop or r&b star, in high regard, and anyone complemented as achieving a similar style is well on their way to success.

JYP, often praised as being the Asian version of the likes of Chris Brown or Usher, has stated he would love to produce music for Taeyang, saying he can “dance really great and play with the rhythm in a way that is uniquely black”.
Taeyang has even reportedly received calls from US producers and promoters wishing to work with him post-Ringa Linga as his addictive style would appeal to the US market.

It would not be surprising to see more offerings from Taeyang in this urban style, it is successful for him and admittedly, he does it better than most in the mainstream Kpop market.
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