300 Days With PHANTOM

June 11th marks 300 days since hybrid hip hop group PHANTOM officially debuted. Here are just some of the reasons this group have kept me hooked for those 300 days, and the many they spent together before then, and just why they’ll keep me a PHANTOMISM for so many more days to come.

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PHANTOM (ft. Verbal Jint) – Come As You Are


Hybrid hip hop unit PHANTOM have released a single featuring label mate Verbal Jint, the track is titled Come As You Are, and is the influential rapper’s first venture into production. PHANTOM are known for producing their own music, collaborating for vocals from rappers from their label is not unknown for them, but for Kiggen to lend the reins completely to another on one of their releases is somewhat new.

The mv is directed by Woody Answer, the same director behind mvs such as Verbal Jint’s If It Ain’t Love & You Deserve Better and PHANTOM’s Good Morning (MJ Remix) & Like Cho Yong Pil. Bryan Ku is the mv’s director of photography, meaning he directs lighting and framing alongside the director.

Styling wise the mv features suited PHANTOM, casual PHANTOM, casual Miss $, a smart but casual Verbal Jint, and dressed to impress Miss $.

The song is about disregarding all the outside layers that hide away the core of a person. Come as you are means with out all the things people see you for whether that be money, education, fashion, make up, and just be you. For that is who he needs.

That is reflected in the set, the set is completely blank and neutral white  because it is not influenced by outside forces and the tastes of others.

Just like with Good Morning (MJ Remix) this is another mv where we are really able to see PHANTOM’spersonalities shine through.
A personal favourite moment of mine is one of Hanhae’s scenes at 1:29 where it appears his reaction is almost as if he’s forgotten he’s on camera.

In true mv fashion PHANTOM can’t try this hard with the Miss $ ladies and actually win, right? Of course all the girls are going to flock to VJ for little more than his cleanly shaven face, a raised eyebrow and silky rap. Okay, so that is all quite impressive.

BrandNew Music keep playing the game brilliantly. Once again this track and it’s mv work in wonderful harmony. The simplicity in the direction here speaks volumes about the track’s message and it works with a great strength.

Come As You Are is definitely one of my favourite mvs so far this year.