SHINee – Why So Serious?


The second instalment in SHINee’s Misconceptions Of Me album comes with the title track Why So Serious? 

Jonghyun is absent from the mv and promotions whilst he recovers fully from breaking his nose in a minor car accident. The dynamic of the group does look understandably different but the mv is strong and fresh.

Much in keeping with the SM formula of big rooms, smart choreography and lacking narrative this mv is brought to life by the styling of the members.

Consistently, SHINee Style has been one that is unique and easily associated with them. From day one the avant garde SHINee Style has been the brain child of designer Ha Sang Beg and as the idol group have grown the style has matured with them, but kept its edge.
For quite some time now SHINee Style has had Anglo-themes running through it, which is of course interesting from the viewpoint of an English blogger.

The mv also features slightly more interesting sets with the inclusion of the type wall.

Photo: Why So Serious? mv

As far as SM mvs go SHINee’s generally are the most visually interesting because of their style, and Why So Serious? is no different.