G Dragon – 미치GO / MichiGO


G Dragon has revealed the mv for his LINE exclusive single MichiGO.

The mv embodies everything the song, and GD’s more recent styling, is about. The crazy and eclectic world of G Dragon.
MichiGO is about going crazy and the mv displays this through multiple G Dragon personalities.

G Dragon does have another personality in the mv, one that isn’t crazy, and one that presents a thought provoking question. That is the ‘geeky’ ordinary G Dragon that enters the train. Why does he have such huge feet?

Of course I don’t know for sure but here’s my thoughts on this character of G Dragon’s within the mv.

Photo: Michigo mv

Once he’s on the train we see him reading a book, this book is in fact BigBang: Shouting Out To The World! and is a collection of memoirs written by BigBang and released in 2009 about how their journey to achieve their dream, and how others should keep striving for their goals.

If I understand correctly there is an old Korean saying, that I’m sure I will now badly explain, about how common people live because of their feet. Their feet are their driving force to progression as they must work for everything they have and anything they are due to get.
The established however, they live thanks to writing, the stories and sensationalism surrounding them. Everything they have and are due to get comes to them with ease because their names are known.

The image of G Dragon with his emphasised feet reading about how the now sensationalised G Dragon had to work incredibly hard for his fame brings to mind the story about how the common live because of their feet.

GD is an artist who talks about how much work he puts in to his music. He’s also spoken very openly about how there was a time when he did lose his head and how he now tries very hard to keep grounded.

Again, I have no inside knowledge of the YG thinking behind this mv, but the huge feet on this particular character would sit beautifully with the idea that they are a reminder that amongst the crazy, eccentric world G Dragon presents to his fans he is still the grounded, hard working Kwon Jiyong from the beginning.

If you discard all the deeper thoughts on the characters large feet and go for the obvious: G Dragon’s mv has obvious visual humour based around male anatomy references.

And well ‘you know what they say about big feet’. Still – I personally like the deeper connection these images could have when considered in relation to the book.

MichiGO also has appearances from fellow BIGBANG member Taeyang, SE7EN, stylist Yanggaeng, 1TYMmember and YG writer / producer Teddy Park, and comedienne Ahn Youngmi.

It’s bright, fun, wild – everything you’d expect from this track!