Teaser Special – Part 2

With the first half of the week bringing a whole host of exciting teasers the second half has been no different.

Here are five more from a week packed full of promotions for coming weeks.


A-Prince have released the first teaser for their new mini album Mambo. This one featuring member Sungwon.

His Mambo moves might be stiff, and well if we’re truthful frankly awful, but I’m sure fans of the A-Prince member probably won’t be arguing about Sungwon showing off his latin dance ‘skills’ in the teaser.


Skull & HaHa are returning with Reggaerilla. Skull & HaHa create a mixture of reggae fusion and rap.

Kim Jae Dong appears in the teaser, apparently he visited the mv set to support friends HaHa & Skull and ended up featuring in the party scene. His shy nature around the women in the scene is endearing and the teaser is catchy, despite the awful title card.


Verbal Jint is set to return at the end of the month with Walking in the Rain.

The TS features the famous breaker Poppin’ Hyun Joon. I’m a Verbal Jint fan so will be looking forward to this release and do wonder if we’ll see a little of Verbal Jint in the rain too.


Superstar K4 winner Roy Kim is releasing his first full length album this month and the title track is Love Love Love.

The song is set to bring out a more mellow side to him. The teaser is as sweet as the title suggests it should be. I haven’t heard anything by Kim until seeing this teaser but the snippet is quite intriguing so I might look him up.


JYJ member Xia Junsu has released a photo teaser for his second full length album.

Photo: Incredible teaser @CJeS

His company, C-JeS, have said he’s filming an mv in the US and have revealed that the concept for the second album will be more masculine and charismatic this time around after the androgynous look for Tarantallegra. They said that the upcoming mv has a vintage, fantasy theme.

I’m a Xia fan so around the 15th of July I will probably be commenting on the concept of the mv that appears.

I wonder if next week will be as tempting with teasers?


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