The Lessons Choi Siwon must learn are not Biblical

Korea is still very conservative, and the import of Western religious beliefs hasn’t at all helped this. Homophobia is common, and hearing it from a Korean one should understand it’s a belief many are brought up with. You don’t have to agree with it, and you can question it, but you can’t necessarily change it.

Therefore, being a native Korean, and a devout Christian, it maybe shouldn’t be much of a surprise that someone like Choi Siwon of Super Junior is homophobic. But is he right to share this opinion so openly?

Choi Siwon is a role model for millions of young people, making him something of a voice of his generation. Therefore he should be using that position wisely.
No matter the beliefs Siwon holds personally, given the status he holds he must consider the impact of his words more carefully.

Yesterday the Super Junior member retweeted the following article:

By all means read this article to fully understand an extreme religious viewpoint on ‘so-called same-sex marriage’.

If you’re not from America you might not be fully versed in what Obergefell is. James Obergefell filed the United States Supreme Court case which ultimately led to the legalisation of same-sex marriage within all states of America, overturning the unconstitutional state-level bans.
The case saw same-sex marriage proved to be a guaranteed fundamental right in both the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause within the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Recently a Kentucky County clerk was jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses, Kim Davis citied her religion as reason. Hence those of similar religious belief declaring their support for her actions, and objection to the Supreme Court ruling.

Siwon isn’t American, of course, and there is no such laws in South Korea. [Wikipedia has an easy to read list of LGBT rights in South Korea]. So why does he need to make comment, even if it is through retweet?
For one reason. Because religion, in Siwon’s case, blinds his rationality and intelligence, and it is a regular occurrence.

When discussing his acting career and asked about being offered a sexually ambiguous role, he replied:

I will respectfully refuse any such offers. While I respect all genders, I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created Man and Woman with specific characteristics and duties. I realize that with globalization, there are many [entertainers] who do not share my views. There are those who are value-oriented and those who are success-oriented. However shouldn’t an actor deliver an image to his audience through roles he chooses to portray, based on his beliefs in life?

If you’ve ever spoken with me about Siwon you’ll have heard the word hypocrite, and this is an example of that.
While I respect all genders stinks of the same discriminatory sentence opener as I’m not racist but.

There are those who are value-oriented and those who are success-oriented.

Cha Seung Won is a devout Roman Catholic, married with children and unquestionably masculine, but his performance Detective Ji Wook and his identification as transgender in High Heel was convincing and moving. This delivers the image of a skilled actor, not a question of his values or own sexuality. Being an actor gives you the chance to play something you are not with conviction.

But Siwon can hold this belief, no one controls his opinion, and he should not attempt to control the opinions of others. As a role model he is in a position where he can influence the opinions of others. Therefore, endorse as much coffee as you like, wear as much Ralph Lauren as you like, but do not share opinions that are based on prejudice.

SiwonPlus, if you’re going to hold such bigoted opinions, don’t be a hypocrite. Let’s look at Super Junior for a moment. How many times have we seen Heechul and Siwon kiss?
There’s much question about Heechul’s sexuality [a question no one has the right to ask], but hypothetically were he bisexual or gay isn’t Siwon disrespecting a friend by saying he doesn’t acknowledge homosexuals?

And let us not forget that beautifully homoerotic teaser photo from Mr Simple [left].
Doesn’t kissing Heechul, and dressing in an outfit befitting of a Mardi Gras or Pride Festival float, go against delivering and image ‘based on his beliefs in life’?

Pick a belief and stick to it, but don’t push it on others, don’t offend others with it, don’t discriminate with it.
Siwon might be Korean, he might have been brought up with the openly bigoted views of his father, but as a celebrity known across the globe there is no room for anything but acceptance.

The extreme views of Christianity may not be causing war as other religions are, but they’re still oppressive, so why should we accept a celebrity standing up in support?



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  • E.C

    Basically you are saying that because he is celebrity, he shouldnt hold his own belief/opinion/stance.

    • Lore

      I think you’ll find my article says Siwon ‘can hold this belief’ – I make it very clear that he can have any opinion he wants.
      I simply explored the reasons why his lack of consideration for the impressionable nature of his fanbase makes these opinions poor in taste – and the hypocrisy that arises in these views due to his ‘brand’ as an entertainer.

      Simply, yes, he is bigoted like his father, though maybe not to the same degree.

      Just as he is allowed to express his own bigoted opinions I am allowed to express an opinion on the image he is presenting by doing so

      • Breadlady

        (Can’t get italics to work, so caps are for emphasis. Sorry)
        I am late to this article, but to call Siwon bigoted simply because his values and opinions don’t agree with you is, in the spirit of all things being equal and applying the criteria you have used, bigoted on your part, even more so than you are accusing Siwon of doing. He simply stated what he thinks. He didn’t come after you nor ask your opinion. You chose to walk this ugly road all by yourself.

        Whatever happened to “we simply disagree”?

        Why does someone having a different viewpoint have to be labeled by you from your glass house?

        Once upon a time, Siwon’s opinion and belief of Christianity covered the majority of the world. Were Christianity as intolerant as you have accused, and as you have been in regard to his right to hold his own opinions and beliefs without being dictated to by you or culture, then you would not even be able to write what you have, because they would be accusing you and strong arming you into a clone of them, as you are attempting to do to Siwon, here.

        To bring forth bashing his faith under the guise of “concern” is being a busy-body. If you have a child you are concerned about, then your responsibility is to raise that child as you see fit, and cover this subject with them. Everyone else’s child is THEIR parent’s responsibility, not yours. Therefore, this is an attempt to use “concern” to change public opinion about him and his faith instead of treating him equally, with respect and honoring his beliefs as I’m sure you would like yours to be.

        The bottom line is that Siwon and the lady in the city office have EQUAL RIGHTS to think for themselves and believe what they like. The lady in the USA has a GUARANTEED Constitutional Right under the 1st Amendment to live her belief and not be forced to go against them. The 1st Amendment states in regard to religious liberty, “nor prohibit the FREE EXERCISE there of.”

        You don’t have to agree with them, but you DO have to respect them and that includes respecting their right to believe as THEY see fit.

        What is not appropriate is articles such as this that criticize someone else’s faith or opinion simply because it is differs from yours. To THAT is intolerance and it’s ugly.

  • Denise

    What about respecting his opinion? In theory, we should hold a position where we respect everyone’s’ opinions/beliefs no matter what they are; but what about Siwon’s opinion? Shouldn’t it be respected as well?
    If anyone else goes around saying that they support gay marriage let’s say, that’s fine, because he is supporting something that everyone supports as well. On the other hand, if someone thinks differently and opposes to what everyone else supports, is that person wrong? Should he/she avoid expressing their opinion just because it might “hurt some feelings”? What about the freedom to express our opinions and beliefs? It’s true that he should be more careful with what he expresses, I give you that (he is a celebrity known across the world after all); however, it’s not because he might be right or wrong, but because something like this might hurt his name since people like you judges his opinions even though he should be free to express what he thinks/believes. A hypocrite is someone who hides what he thinks and smiles towards what he think is wrong, but, can a person who is expressing what he thinks be called hypocrite because he does not support what everyone else does? Actually, I think that can be called “being brave”.
    We are living in a word where you can speak up if you are moving with the flow, but you should shut up your opinion is different from everyone else. Remember, respect should come from both ends. I might believe that what you are doing is wrong but anyways I should respect you, nevertheless, you should also respect me for thinking that what you are doing is wrong.
    Remember, tolerance must come both ways around!

  • Craig

    This author seems to have a hate on for his religion. While this person has no problem speaking of their religion which is secularism. I wonder
    how this person fills about Muslims.