The People’s Forest

Photographer and artist Martyn Thompson is a British expat currently living in South Korea, teaching a Kindergarten class (children between 3 and 6 can make up Korean Kindergarten classes).

He has begun an online art project called The People’s Forest, and aims to create the largest digital forest.

Thompson is asking artists to submit their tree creations for the digital forest, and skill level is no obstacle, the first collection of submissions came from his very own Kindergarten children. He says regardless of the skill level of the submitter your work will be added to the website forest.

Thompson says of his inspiration for the digital forest:

I have always had an interest in trees, and the unique characteristics that each one has, as it fights for survival, stretching up to reach the light, and digging down to find resources, I drew parallels with this, and the way that people use social networks digging for stories and information to share, with the ‘likes’ the battle for the leaves to get the most attention or sunlight.

There is no deadline on the project, with Thompson hoping to collect trees from every country as word spreads and the project grows.

I myself plan to submit to the project, as like Thompson have an interest in trees and enjoy drawing them, I also hope I will be able to collect submissions from the children I work with at a UK Primary School to add to The People’s Forest. 

More information can be found via the website and facebook page for The People’s Forest. Submissions can be made via email and should appear in the forest within a few days.

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