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Anyone who knows me just a little may know that there is a debut I’ve been anticipating for over two years. Finally, BrandNew Music’s new R&B Hiphop group is debuting.

Initially TROY were a hip hop unit, though towards the end of 2012 BrandNew recruited R&B singer Bumkey, and as well as working to release him as a solo artist he too joined the trainee unit.

Hip hop fusion isn’t something BrandNew are a stranger to. Their most popular artist, rapper Verbal Jint, often crosses genres with his music, and their last group to debut, PHANTOM, are considered a hybrid hip hop unit, with their mix of rap and smooth R&B pop sounds.

BrandNew have been introducing us to the members, and their thoughts on what TROY means to them.


Bumkey has already debuted as a solo artist under the label with instant success, the promotions for his two solo tracks delaying the debut of TROY, but the members were supportive.
Bumkey considers TROY as a way to show what he wants musically that he is unable to do alone, the members fill in the parts of him that are missing. For Bumkey TROY is his new weapon.



Jaewoong had once been a professional snowboarder, though an accident whilst boarding put a stop to his promising career, the same knee injury causing the pain that stopped his subsequent modelling career.
Jaewoong’s love of music has kept him striving to make it in the industry, and though many people close to him think his time has passed, having turned 32 in October, he is determined to put his all into TROY, his last chance.

Photo: BrandNew Music


Changwoo’s love for, and beginnings in, music go back to his time in high school, where he became solid friends with Mighty Mouth’s Shorry J, and now label mate BIZNIZ. He drifted away from music, following loves such as fashion, but watching his friends succeed in music made him feel inferior. Three years ago BIZNIZ introduced him to BrandNew Music and Changwoo found a happiness in following his love of music.
For Changwoo, TROY is his oasis, the reason he lives.

Photo: BrandNew Music


Recently Kanto has featured on many tracks, he even had the opportunity to release his own track, What You Want, with INFINITE’s Kim Sung Kyu, a song for which the mv featured all of TROY.
Kanto found himself straying from the ideals of his parents and proving those that said he’d never make it into music wrong. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of his inspiration to rap, Dynamic Duo, Kanto concentrated a lot of his time on writing lyrics and perfecting his skill.
Kanto says he was driven to work harder and improve because of the talented musicians at BrandNew Music, TROY is his starting line.

Photo: BrandNew Music

You’ll have been able to see TROY members in a whole host of place. Members have featured in mvs such as Bumkey’s Bad Girl and performing both solo songs live with him; Verbal Jint’s Walking In The Rain, If It Ain’t Love and You Look Good; Brand New Radio’s Did Not Say Anything (Jaewoong & Bumkey are workmen, Kanto & Changwoo carry frames); Kanto’s What You Want; BIZNIZ and Shorry J’s Get It Wet; Miss $’s You Were Not The One; H’s Lose Control; PHANTOM’s Burning; and BrandNew Music family projects, You Make Me Feel Brand New, Brand New Anthem, and Happy Brand New Year.

TROY have performed their track WE TROY on numerous occasions, supporting label mates and during BrandNew family shows. Whether the title of the teasers means this track will come as their debut song remains to be seen, though after seeing what they have to offer I doubt any debut song could be disappointing.

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