[UnitedKpop Review] PATiENTS – Let’s Drive Let’s Go!

Hybrid punk band PATiENTS from South Korea have been touring the UK this past two weeks, their tour comes to an end tonight at Astbury Castle, London, though we got our hands on copies of their new EP Let’s Drive Let’s Go! 

Not released in Korea until next month anyone that has been able to pick up a copy at one of their shows is now one of the first people in the world to own this EP. Here is the lowdown on Let’s Drive Let’s Go! 

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Let’s Drive Let’s Go! is a four track EP issued via the group’s own label, Steel Face Records. Their ‘hybrid punk‘ sound is created by vocals and bass from Sumin Jo, keyboards from Hyuckjang Kwon, and drums from Jaehyuk Lee.  The sound combines the well known characteristics of punk with the infectious and popular tones of new wave and pop.

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One might be reminded of prevalent punk rock group Green Day, particularly their earlier work, in ways whilst listening, and that might be a good reference point for those too young to have seen punk’s origins and growth. Much like PATiENTS the California-borne group merged the sounds of punk, rock, and pop to create their successful sound.

Let’s Drive, Let’s Go!

The title track of their EP Let’s Drive, Let’s Go! does exactly what you’d want. With a heavy rhythm provided by Jo’s bass you feel their punk background instantly. As punk goes, the louder you play it the more infectious it becomes.

All the PATiENTS Let’s Go

All the PATiENTS Let’s Go could almost run as a continuation of the first track on the EP, playing the EP on shuffle just doesn’t seem the same without the two playing in succession. This track lets you hear each member play as focus, with a heavy bass, intricate and fast-tempo melodies, and Lee’s drumming even being the sole accompaniment for Jo’s vocals towards the end.


The third track on the EP is one you can hear for yourself, performed by the group for BalconyTV Seoul.

The hook for Sipalsegi is simple, once you’ve picked up the tune you’ll be joining in. An often remembered element of the punk movement was the easy ability to raise raucous, and a punk song with a chant an audience could participate in certainly served this purpose. Sipalsegi is such a track, it is fast and is audience rousing, we dare you to resist singing, or shouting along (it is punk after all).

Kids of Ash

Though every track is an impressive display of their sound and skill it is the final track, Kids of Ash, that steals the show. The bass is heavy throughout the first three tracks, but it takes a slight step back here as it is Kwon’s keyboard that really defines this track.
Kids of Ash feels like the coming together of punk, rock, and synthpop – not a sound that is its own unique genre, but certainly one that stands out from its competitors and lays out a true explanation of PATiENTS hybrid sound.



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