Vibe – As I’m Getting Older

Renowned vocal duo Vibe have returned with their 5th album Organic Sound and it comes with the beautiful mv for As I’m Getting Older.


The mv has multiple layers of messages. First I’ll start with it’s visual representation of every track on Vibe’s 5th album. Each track title appears somewhere in the mv.

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The mv begins with the voice of a radio emcee, he confirms the name of the last track he has played, The First Time, then begins to read a letter from a listener.
(I have slightly paraphrased LOEN’s annotations to improve the English)

Hello I’m Na So Young. There are letters that come to me throughout the year. They’re from a friend who’s face I do not even know, but at some point the letters stopped.
Time passed by, and I divorced my husband.
Now I sometimes miss those letters. I am going to make plans and clean the house. Please cheer for me to live strong.

As the emcee reads the story we see the mystery man making and posting a letter and also So Young opening the cupboard in her house where she has kept all the letters over the years. She opens the letter we just saw the mystery man create and look at the contents. We see his face and here the emcee introduces As I’m Getting Older.

The man first leaves So Young a letter as she sleeps in the library and through the years continues to send her letters and photographs. The photographs never reveal his face, just a mishap, an emotion, maybe something that could make her smile – parts of his life.
As So Young is having her post-divorce clear out she reads his letters, both laughing and crying at the things she sees.


It is when she gets to the last letter he ever sent that she realises who he is, having not read the final letter upon receiving it initially, as she herself is in the photo. The friend took a photo with her on her wedding day.

So Young then crosses to the door and we see a cropped shop of the thumbs up we’ve seen throughout the mv. He’d heard the radio show, and learned of her divorce and how she missed his letters. Now the two stand at So Young’s door finally seeing each other properly, and both knowing the truth, for the first time. They kiss and the scene moves to the two sleeping side by side.

Yet as the song comes to a close he’s still listening to the radio broadcast alone, so as the song suggests, as he gets older he’s waiting for her to go back to him.


The narrative is cut with scenes of the Vibe members Yoon Min Soo and Ryu Jae Hyun playing back to back pianos in a dimly lit room. The shots of Vibe match the atmosphere created by the lyrics really well and are a great contrast to the light colouring of the narrative scenes.

Vibe’s As I’m Getting Older might be one of my favourite concepts of 2013 so far. It is beautifully executed, the lyrics fit well with the visual, the narrative is gorgeous and the album listing weaved through is great promotion too.

If you’ve never listened to Vibe before, at least give this mv a watch, you won’t regret it.


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