VIXX – Hyde Mini Album Teaser Photos

VIXXteaserTitleVIXX have released the revealing teaser photos for their upcoming mini Hyde.


Jellyfish Entertainment have stated that the concept is far from any sexually suggestive implications the teasers might give fans and that the full reveal of the mini album will ensure there is no further controversy over the concept.

VIXX are a group that from the beginning have had very interesting concept design, their last release On and On took them to a darker level, Jellyfish presenting them as a human-wild-animal hybrid.

Here VIXX are keeping the darker concept and Hyde is actually extremely interesting, and most certainly doesn’t have to be sexually suggestive as many fans have commented.

The most well know ‘hyde’, before the Japanese musician and L’Arc-en-Ciel vocalist, is Mr Edward Hyde from Robert Louis Stephenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
Most people will know the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, even if they haven’t read the novella. Though to explain who Hyde is, he’s the evil within Dr Jekyll. He accidentally brings him out when wanting to repress the evil he struggles with.
Jekyll’s alter ego, or inner demon Hyde, becomes stronger than him. Hyde is a creature of the night, and although Stevenson never really says what Hyde’s pleasures are when he disappears into the night they are generally known to be of a dark, evil, lustful and violent nature – things that are against morals of the time.
Hyde never hid in the shadows or turned away from those who would fear him. He was proud of his nature.

Jekyll & Hyde is a novella set in Victorian England & its styling isn’t something you could pick up and drop into Korean Pop concepting but the  main features of the character could be relevant here. The fight with dark forces, the creature of the night, they’re most certainly elements within the images.

The black feathered wings the members sport support the idea of a darker nature. The first depiction of black wings is Azrael the Archangel of Death, though not evil he presides over death, punishment and repentance. He appears in a number of religions either in their Holy Book or folklore.
Black wings are often used as a literary devise to portray fallen angels and demons amongst the ranks of the most known fallen angel, Lucifer.

All the literary devices and lore surrounding the title and styling in the VIXX teasers mean I’ll be watching out for the reveal of this mini. Jellyfish Ent and VIXX should be bringingST☆RLIGHT something special once again.



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