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VIXX have released the full mv for their hyde track alongside their mini album of the same name.

I previously posted about the teaser images and the teaser mv here.

The mv description comments on the Jekyll and Hyde concept as

A new fantasy of VIXX, Jekyll and Hyde! Woke up as demons

The title song of VIXX ‘hyde’ is about a man who has inner duality, good and evil, who turned into a demon due to a hurt of love; introduce the song with a concept of ‘Jekyll and Hyde’.

Ravi sets the atmosphere perfectly with his deep narrative tones for the introduction of the strongest representation of the hyde character, Leo.
There are many good representations of the struggle with the evil within the members in the mv.

  • Their styling switches between black and white
  • Their expressions speak of their conflict
  • Their choreography has many elements of the control they wish to gain over the evil, such as the restraining of a dominant arm
  • The fast paced and erratic cuts of the scenes imply a crazed mind

Like in the original story there is a point where the evil overcomes the good within and in the mv this is displayed through the common visual of the black wings to represent a demon.

hyde is a strong concept with well executed visuals, styling, choreography and narrative. VIXX consistently bring interesting concepts along with their releases and hyde is no exception.



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