WH CREATIVE (Jang Woo Hyuk) – XXXV Teaser

Jang Woo Hyuk, known for his multitude of talents, but probably most known for being a member of first gen group H.O.T.

His most recent venture is on the DJ circuit, in days just passed Woo Hyuk took to the decks at the pool party event Super X Summer Festival alongside Paris Hilton.

In the past few hours Woo Hyuk released the teaser for WH Creative’s first project, a XXXV MV Teaser.

XXXV is the name of his DJ album, set to be released a week Friday, 29th August.

The name XXXV is the Roman numeral for 35, 35 being his H.O.T. number. Each H.O.T. member was assigned a colour and number as a part of their branding, their numbers referred to their school roll numbers.

To the sound of self produced track Time To Rock featuring LeeSA, we see a visual that includes one of Woo Hyuk’s biggest loves, all things sci-fi. Just like fellow Back to the Future fan No Min Woo, Woo Hyuk even wears his limited edition Nike Air MAGs. Previous solo mvs such as Time Is [L]Over also displayed his love of sci-fi.

Photo: XXXV teaser

The imagery of past and present Woo Hyuk, the sci-fi styled powers, and the credits reference to Spielberg’s Close Encounters Of The Third Kind suggest that the XXXV mv will deliver something impressive.

Time will tell.


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